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Entache L'amour is a brothel located in Chicago, originally a business in France but transferred. A company filled with both breathtaking men and women, approved by the kings and queens of the city. Enjoy your stay, because it's a guilty pleasure.

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Liberty Robinson | 20 years old | Stripper/Prostitute | FC: Nina Dobrev | Reserved

Liberty is the psycholigist in Entache L’amour. She likes to help people. Though her demeanor gives off a very insensitive atmosphere to anyone that is around her, but in truth she’s a very sweet girl. The typical type of woman that any guy would love to have. She’s undeniably caring, outgoing, and will do anything for those she loves. Liberty is also very loyal. Maybe a little too loyal. She can and will become very obssesive to anyone who seems a little too nice towards her. She can’t help it, watching your mother walk away from you like a mutt could have that effect. Anyone who has come into her life that showed that they actually liked her, she will go out of her way to see and spend time with them. And to Liberty, that person is Ryan Stevenson. They met quite some time ago, when Ryan wasn’t too much of a self-absorbed human. He was probably the nicest person she’s ever come across. Since then, Liberty has been attached to him. Following him, doing whatever he says. But Lately she’s been turning into a living hell for Ryan.

Sorry guys

It’s been inactive because of me, the head admin. I had finals on Thursday and Friday but now that I got that over with, I’m back. Expect more characters and hopefully more apps, gradually though. I have the week off so I’ll be working on the rp if I’m not out.

"hi, i'm the one that applied for drea johnson. you can re-open the role. i figured that i wouldn't have time for this because things just got a whole lot hectic. sorry i applied and then decided to shut down the blog. hope you understand."
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"Do you have a Nina Dobrev character? Could you make one so I can apply for her? :D"
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She’s in our drafts right now. I’ll tell my co-admin to work on her asap. :)

"can i send in a OC?"
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You may! :)

"Nina Dobrev/Ian Somerhalder ship FCs?"
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It’s up to the roleplayers but we can add to their bio.

"exactly how active is this rpg?"
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It’s new. Some people have finals. For now it’s only semi active.

"hey, i'm jennifer. i'm making the page right now!"
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Alright! :)

ACCEPTED; Please make a blog ASAP

Your Name; Jennifer
Desired Character; Drea Johnson
Time Zone; CENTRAL
Paragraph form (2 paragraphs minimum); (if acceptable from another smut i’ve written)

“Greg!” Riley exclaimed she pounced forward and hugged him tightly. Nick helped himself into Greg’s apartment to put the food on the table and set Riley’s luggage down. “Food’s on the table and Riley’s stuff is on the ground; I gotta go man. Ecklie’s got Catherine and I working this case all night…have fun on your week off.” Nick smiled and closed the door behind him. Riley let go of her hug and stepped back to look at Greg. “A week off?” she asked with concern. “Oh, yeah…it’s nothing. But hey, you’re here now! Let’s not dilly-dally; Chinese food my lady?” He asked as he took her hand and showed her to the small dining area. Riley objected to the whole eating concept by pushing Greg hard against the wall and clamping her mouth onto his.

He was taken by surprise but quickly fell under her spell and kissed back harder. As they parted lips, he looked at her with a confused look. “What was that for?” he asked with a smirk. She smiled back and without reply, kissed him passionately. “I’ve missed you,” she said in between kisses. Soon, the two lovers were kissing at each other madly and hands began to travel over their clothes. They made their way to Greg’s couch, without knowing how safely they got there because otherwise…Greg would have stumbled upon his coffee table. Without any hesitation, Riley took the hem of Greg’s grey v-neck and pulled it over his body. He smiled at how fast Riley was able to pull his shirt over him. In less than 10 seconds, both lovers’ clothes were thrown haphazardly on the floor. Greg climbed his way on top of Riley as he continued to shower her neck and lips with those sweet kisses. She could feel his warm, naked body start moving up and down over her. He spread her legs open for himself so he could enter and continued with the motion and kissing.